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Master Chief Petty Officer Marco Ramirez, Pacific Fleet master chief, listens to a sailor's question during an all-hands call at the Pacific View Event Center aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., March 12, 2014. The address was part of one of Ramirez's stops at Camp Pendleton where he visited Marines and sailors of the I Marine Expeditionary Force, the Wounded Warrior Battalion, the Wounded Warrior Regiment Marine Corps Trials, Assault Craft Unit 5 and Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Ricardo Hurtado

Pacific Fleet master chief visits Camp Pendleton

17 Mar 2014 | Lance Cpl. Ricardo Hurtado

Master Chief Petty Officer Marco Ramirez, the Pacific Fleet master chief, visited Marines and sailors of I Marine Expeditionary Force aboard Camp Pendleton Calif., the week of March 10, 2014.

During the visit, Ramirez had the opportunity to attend a physical training session and speak at an all-hands-call.

During an early morning 3-mile-run, Ramirez spent time and bonded with sailors from I MEF, Chief Petty Officers 365, Field Medical Training Battalion West and the Navy Expeditionary Medical Training Institute. The run took place aboard Camp Margarita, March 12. 

Later that morning Ramirez addressed the sailors during an all-hands-call at the Pacific Views Event Center. 

Ramirez introduced himself to the sailors by sharing some of his experiences in the Navy. 

“I’ve operated in theaters of tactical, operational and the strategic level in my career,” said Ramirez. 

He talked about issues in the Navy, such as sexual harassment, alcoholism, and highlighted the importance of combat readiness.

“Be ready to fight tonight,” said Ramirez. “We need to be able to execute. We plan stuff and then comes the go-time and we go do it, then it becomes an operation” 

Seaman Seth Roundtree, a squadron corpsman with Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 314, said the address was helpful and informational. 

Events like this one have a lot to teach young sailors about the Navy’s ways of operation and keep high morale, Roundtree said.

Roundtree also said that having personnel of such senior rank take the time to visit and make addresses shows that the Navy cares and lets sailors know they’re not forgotten. 

Ramirez concluded the all-hands-call by answering questions and expressing his appreciation for the sailors. 

“I can’t say enough of what you do and how you do it,” said Ramirez. “I’m proud of you.” 

During his stop, Ramirez also visited Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, the Wounded Warrior Battalion, Assault Craft Unit 5 and attended the Wounded Warrior Regiment Marine Corps Trials.