Police Get New Furniture

1 May 2003 | Army Sgt. 1st Class Donald R. Dunn II

The Task Force Tarawa's  Headquarters Group recently took furniture to the police department in Al Kut, in an effort to help rebuild the station.

The 133rd Naval Mobile Construction Battalion built the furniture, consisting of tables and chairs, which will help the Al Kut police department get back on its feet again.

"We needed this to help us have a place to organize our records and put some of our equipment," said Col. Saad Jbeyr, the Al Kut police commander. "It is nice to have real good furniture and this is something we can build on," he added.

The U.S. Marines have also been helping with the security of Al Kut until the police commander and his other officers can get new recruits.

"The police station still needs a lot of work: power, windows, water and we appreciate what the Marines are doing for us," expressed Jbeyr.

This is part of the on going effort the Marines of Task Force Tarawa are making to restore the city of Al Kut, here in Iraq.