PSYOPS Advises on Peace

2 May 2003 | Army Sgt. 1st Class Donald R. Dunn II

The mission of  the 350th Psychological Operations Company is to give information on what is being done to restore peace and hope for a new government to the people of Al Kut. 

Escorted by the 194th Military Police Company, 2nd Platoon from the 101st Airborne Division out of Fort Campbell, Ky., 350th PSYOPS makes their way through to Al Kut's most populated areas spreading news through loud speakers and handing out leaflets.

They pass out information from wanted posters, check point procedures, command messages, and newsletters to help the Al Kut people understand what the U.S. Marines are trying to do to support them.

"We try to get to the people through these messages with the help of interpreters. We like to go to populated areas such as marketplaces and the poor neighborhoods where information is limited," said Army Sgt. Ray Meyer, a platoon sergeant and resident of. Cleveland. "Our job is winning the hearts and minds of the people of Al Kut and all Iraq," he added.

The 350th PSYOPS is in the process of reaching more of the Al Kut people by also doing leaflet airdrops to even the most densely populated areas of the city.

"The people have been receptive, especially to our broadcast messages," said Army Staff Sgt. Tony Church, a team leader from Westlake, Ohio. "We stop and get out and actually make sure these messages are handed to anyone who wants them, because we want the people to have our trust and know we are here for them," he explained.

The goal of the 350th PSYOPS Company is to help the people of Al Kut and all Iraq to re-establish their nation as a model for success in the international community.