Iraqi Police meet the needs of Ramadi

16 Nov 2006 | Cpl. Paul Robbins Jr.

Armed with cough syrups and headache medicines, Coalition Forces are conducting operations to meet the needs of the women and children in Ar Ramadi, Iraq.

Iraqi Policemen from the Western Ramadi Police Sub-Station conducted a medical relief operation at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Western Ar Ramadi on Nov. 16.

The Policemen, comprised mainly of Ramadi residents, unloaded nearly 3,000 pounds of essential medicines and medical devices for the primary healthcare workers of the hospital.

The supplies, provided by the World Health Organization, are enough to support 10,000 residents for a period of three months.

“We are very happy,” said Abd Alkhalq Z. Hassein, director assistant of the hospital. “This is a big and great help for this hospital, and the people.”

The delivery of supplies was the first step in a partnership between the local hospitals and Iraqi Security Forces, said Maj. Scott J. Kish, 37-year-old civil affairs officer for 1/6.

The up and coming police forces in Ramadi have shown growing interest in Coalition Operations, with a focus on those of a humanitarian nature.

“The word has gotten out,” said Kish, a native of Sterling, Virg. “The Iraqi Police here are serious about taking care of their city.”

As more supplies arrive, the Coalition Forces look to provide immunizations for the children and keep the hospital stocked with basic medical equipment.

With the assistance being provided by local policemen, the people of Ramadi are quickly gaining confidence in the Iraqi Police forces, said Kish.

“Their efforts are encouraging,” said Hassein. “We are very proud that the Police of this city look after the needs of the people.”

The Police Force’s recent success in operations has also given confidence to the Coalition Forces in support, said Kish.

The policemen’s knowledge of the city and relationship with the people are vital to the success of stabilization operations in the area.

Hoping to build on their success, the battalion will continue to support the operations of local Police forces. 

“It’s Iraqis helping Iraqis and that’s exactly what we are looking for,” said Kish.