Iraqi Security Forces support Ramadi neighborhoods

3 Feb 2007 | Cpl. Paul Robbins Jr.

In the early afternoon, Iraqi Security Forces stage a column of tactical and transport vehicles in a local neighborhood to carry out one of their most vital missions…aiding the citizens of the city.

Iraqi Policemen of the Western Ramadi Police District and soldiers of the Iraqi Army’s 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, 7th Division, delivered more than 6,000 pounds of food supplies to the Haj Hamoud Al Abbas Mosque in the Hay Al Dhobat District of Ar Ramadi, Iraq, on Feb. 2.

The combined force of more than 40 soldiers and policemen unloaded multiple truck loads of rice, beans, flour and cooking oil for the local residents.

The delivery was part of an ongoing effort by Iraqi Security Forces to aid the poorest residents of Western Ar Ramadi during the rebuilding process.

“It is a necessary thing for us to give back to the people and help them whenever we can,” said Warrant Officer Ahmed, a policemen with the Western Ramadi Police District.

The operation was the second significant supply of food provided by Iraqi Security Forces over the last few months.

The relief operations have been successful, not only in aiding the people, but in providing positive interactions between local residents and their security forces.

“These operations are a good chance to build bridges with the people, especially when we work with the police,” said Maj. Abbas, commanding officer of 3rd Company, 2-1-7. “Some people still hold the old image of the Iraqi Army in their minds, but these operations give us a chance to prove we are here for the people.”

When the supplies become available, Iraqi Security Forces are eager to conduct the relief operations immediately.

With the majority of the policemen being residents of the city and the soldiers eager to gain the people’s confidence, the deliveries provide a sense of pride and accomplishment to the combined forces. 

“It means a lot to us because they are our people and we know they are in need,” said Ahmed.

The efforts of the combined forces have received positive reactions from the neighborhoods assisted.

With the eagerness of the security forces to help the city and the clear needs of the people, soldiers and policemen anxiously await their next chance to further the progress of Ramadi.

“We hope to do things like this more and more,” said Abbas. “The results of our efforts will be precious to the people.”