1/6 Marines mourn the loss of leader, friend

10 Feb 2007 | Cpl. Paul Robbins Jr.

Boots that have traveled to far and distant lands, a rifle carried in defense of a nation, a Kevlar helmet worn by a modern warrior, and dog tags to identify the one to be honored; assembled together, these items become a display to honor one who has given all.

Marines and sailors of 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, gathered together at the 17th Street Security Station in Ar Ramadi, Iraq, to honor the memory of Sgt. Joshua J. Frazier during a ceremony on Feb. 10.

Frazier, a 24-year-old squad leader for Company A, died while conducting combat operations in the city on Feb. 6.

More than 50 Marines and sailors attended the ceremony to honor a leader, warrior and friend.

“Sergeant Frazier was a great Marine and an even better friend,” said Cpl. Eric D. Arvizu, a 25-year-old rifleman for Company A. “You could always count on him, no matter what the circumstance.”

Frazier was remembered by many in his company as confident and competent leader of Marines, who led his squad by example, said Lance Cpl. Albert B. Walls, a 24-year-old rifleman for Company A.

As a veteran of four deployments in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, Frazier brought valuable experience and leadership to his unit.

Leading an infantry squad in a combat environment, Frazier excelled through a calm demeanor and a wealth of knowledge in Marine Corps infantry tactics.

“He saved our lives more times than I can count, just by always knowing what to do,” said Cpl. David M. Elliott, 22-year-old rifleman for Company A.

Although Frazier was widely respected for his quality as a Marine leader, he was remembered throughout the battalion as a good person and great friend.

Frazier’s friendly and outgoing personality garnered him a great deal of recognition amongst his peers.

“He had a way of making people love him,” said Lance Cpl. Brandon W. Smith, a 22-year-old rifleman for Company A. “You didn’t even have to know him for a day and you would see he was going to be one of your best friends.”

Frazier was known to approach anyone to start a conversation, whether he knew them or not, which led to him being widely known among the unit.

Leaving behind a slue of friends, acquaintances, and fellow Marines, Frazier will be sorely missed by the Marines and sailors of the battalion.

“He was the greatest leader any Marine could ever ask for and an even greater friend,” said Arvisu. “He will never be forgotten.”

Frazier was born in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on June 28, 1982 and raised in Spotsylvania, Virginia. He graduated from Spotsylvania High School and enlisted into the Marine Corps on August 23, 2002.

Frazier participated in Operation Enduring Freedom from Sept. 26, 2004 to Dec. 14, 2004 and Operation Iraqi Freedom from September 18, 2005 to April 15, 2006 and Sept. 11, 2006 to Feb. 6, 2007.

Frazier joined 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment on July 7, 2006.