A promotion to remember

1 Sep 2003 | Cpl. Kyle J. Walker

From half a world away, his mother listened via cellular phone as her son was promoted to a Navy Captain.

The promotee, Group Chaplain, Ronnie C. King, 2d Force Service Support Group, stood on familiar stomping ground. He was being promoted where his career began several years before with 2d Maintenance Battalion.

"This is probably the greatest day of his life," said Brig. Gen. Ronald Coleman, Commanding General, Special Purposes Marine Ground Task Force. "To get promoted at the same unit he started."

Sharing this special occasion was also the Apostolic Delegate for the Arabian Peninsula, Archbishop Giuseppe DeAndrea, a long time friend of King's.

"Something like this is probably a coincident," said DeAndrea. "I'm sure it brings back a lot of good memories and acquaintances."

As heads were bowed and eyes were closed, archbishop laid hands on King and gave his blessing upon his life and career ahead of him.

"This event brought tears to my eyes," said King. "The Chaplain Corps has a motto that's called cooperation without compromise and the archbishop showed a prime example of that by laying hands on me."

King said he will never forget this promotion. There will be two things that stand out the most to him, his mother being on the phone and the archbishop praying for him.

"I'm grateful for everyone who participated in this ceremony," said King. "I accredit God for everything I've accomplished in my life."