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Col. Robert Castellvi, I Marine Expeditionary Force chief of staff, stands alongside the mother of Army Sgt. Jason M. Weaver, as his banner is unfurled during a military banner ceremony here, Sept. 8. Weaver an Anaheim native, was killed in action while serving in Afghanistan.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Mark Garcia

Anaheim honors local service members

14 Sep 2011 | Lance Cpl. Mark Garcia

The Anaheim community recognized 14 service members by unfurling street light banners in their honor during a military banner ceremony here, Sept. 8.

The City of Anaheim created the military banner program to honor Anaheim residents serving in the military. Anaheim currently has 53 banners hung throughout the city honoring native service members.

“It all goes back to this program we started in 2009, where we decided to adopt the 13th Marine Expeditionary Unit,” said Greg Garcia, the deputy city manager for administration. “We wanted to have more of a connection to our armed forces and provide new ways for our residents to learn about the sacrifice that soldiers are making on our behalf. We also started this military banner effort in order to highlight those specific residents who are serving on our behalf.”

Garcia added the initiative is a token of appreciation for the military and their sacrifices.

Col. Robert Castellvi, I Marine Expeditionary Force chief of staff, was a guest speaker at the ceremony and spoke of the importance of having the community be involved with the military.

“It’s important because it really helps bridge the gap between those who are serving and those who they’re serving for. So what events like this one do, is to help reconnect our military to the communities,” Castellvi said. “It helps remind our local communities that the military is a reflection of their community, with men and women from their towns that went to their high schools and went to their local colleges and are serving.”

Garcia said the city of Anaheim will continue to honor service members through the military banner program.

“As long as we have our sons and daughters over there serving, then we’re going continue to honor them,” Garcia said.