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Sergeant Dolphus Hill, billeting chief, police sergeant, and color sergeant with I Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group (Forward), hits golf balls to practice his swing at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan, May 21.

Photo by Sgt. Marco Gutierrez

Marine Corps sergeant professional even in the fairway

21 May 2012 | Sgt. Marco Gutierrez

Marine Corps Sgt. Dolphus Hill, the billeting chief, police sergeant, and color sergeant for I Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Group (Forward), works hard to finish all his duties day in and day out. Despite his many responsibilities, Hill still finds time to relax by practicing his favorite sport - golf.

Hill admitted he did not always like golf. In fact, when he was younger he found it quite boring. When he finally started playing he discovered how much he truly liked golf. 

“I would never watch golf because I thought it was the most boring thing ever,” said Hill. “Now, ever since I stepped foot on a golf course, I can appreciate the sport whether I’m playing or watching the Masters on TV.”

With so many duties it is hard to imagine any service member would take the time and energy to do extra actives. Hill’s high motivational spirit and professional attitude keeps him motivated to find time to practice and even teach fellow Marines or co-workers how to play golf.

“Hill is definitely a true professional,” said 1st Sgt. Christina Conchita Romero Arrellano, the Company 1st Sgt. for I MHG (Fwd). “He just loves it so much that he takes that initiative on his own just to continue to improve … not just in golf, but everything.”

Hill’s love for golf started in California when a fellow Marine invited him to play a game of golf when he was new to the area. He has been playing golf now for a year and three months.

“What I love most about the game of golf is the professionalism behind the sport,” said Hill. “Everything that you do from the time you hit the ball, to the time that you celebrate, to the time that you interact with people. It’s all professional.”

Hill loves how the professionalism of the sport matches up so well with the professionalism of the Marine Corps, and one of the main reasons he loves the sport so much.

It’s not just the professionalism Hill loves about the game. He also enjoys the challenge and competitiveness of the game because fits his personality.

“I’m very competitive, so when I go out and play golf, no matter what type of event I play, I look at it as a working environment,” said Hill. “I am always working to get better, working to improve my game and working to improve my mind set.”

So as the days go by at Camp Leatherneck there is one thing without a doubt that can be sure Hill will be doing what he enjoys most practicing, and getting better at what he loves golf.