Marine delivers the goods

5 Apr 2008 | Cpl Erik Villagran

Lance Cpl. Kevin M. Natt knows a large chunk of his battalion’s morale rests on his shoulders, and he says he doesn’t mind at all.

Natt, 22, a mail clerk from Mangham, La., is responsible for ensuring that Marines and sailors with 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment, Regimental Combat Team 5, receive their mail as soon as possible.

“I’m responsible for getting mail from postal in al-Asad, Iraq, to our battalion and detachments,” Natt said. “I also keep the mail secure. I make sure nothing is lost or stolen.”

Its work that sounds easier said than done. With multiple loads of mail delivered during the week, Natt must work at a feverish pace to keep Marines happy.

“I get about four tons of mail a week,” Natt said. “Some Marines pitch in on a daily basis with getting the mail into the mail room.”

Marines from multiple companies have made time to assist Natt in his task. They have taken time out of their off-time to ensure all mail is ready to be delivered as soon as possible. Their willingness to lend a hand has helped Natt deliver the mail without any delays.

“Their help is appreciated,” Natt said. “Marines know it’s not a one-man job. They figure he’s getting mail for everyone, so why not help him if they can.” 

Natt was trained to do the job when he arrived to Iraq. His ability to learn the billet so quickly hasn’t gone unnoticed.

“For one man handling a battalion’s mail, he’s done and amazing job,” said Cpl. Michael B. Perryman, 22, administrative clerk from Boston. “For him to learn it now and take care of everything is amazing.”

Natt is reminded everyday how much mail means to Marines. He is asked about 30 times a day about mail.

“Mail is important because it’s a morale booster,” Perryman said. “Packages have things inside that are little surprises. Marines like those little pick-me ups; it’s motivating.”

Watching Marines become elated about receiving mail makes the hard labor worth it to Natt. He says he thrives on being depended on and won’t fail his fellow Marines.

“Seeing how happy Marines get when they get mail from family and friends is the best part of it,” Natt said. “I like being the light of their hard working days in Iraq.”

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