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Sergeant Bryan Ross, (right) squad leader, Bravo Company, Light Armored Reconnaissance Platoon, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, helps his Marines fill sandbags during Operation Stronghold, June 29. Ross, a Fairfield, Calif., native has his sights set on becoming a career Marine and hopes to one day become a master gunnery sergeant.

Photo by Sgt. James Mercure

California native builds security in Reg-e-Khan Neshin

5 Jul 2012 | Sgt James Mercure

PATROL BASE GHERDAI, Afghanistan – In southern Afghanistan recently, Operation Stronghold was put into action to help create permanently sustainable bases for the Afghan Border Police.

To keep the operation moving in full force, a squad of 19 Marines and their corpsman look to their squad leader, 24-year-old Sgt. Bryan Ross, Bravo Company, Light Armored Reconnaissance Platoon, 1st Combat Engineer Battalion, to help orchestrate the building of two patrol bases and four traffic control points during the operation.

“We’re building these patrol bases for the ABP, so they can have a dedicated location to keep Reg-e-Khan Neshin secure,” said Ross, a Fairfield, Calif., native. “The longer we’re out here the faster the Marines’ battle rhythm becomes. They work well as a team, even out here fighting sandstorms and heat to get their job done.”

For Ross, a 2005 graduate of Fairfield High School, becoming a Marine was a way for him to become a part of something bigger.

“I was really immature coming out of high school and I wanted to become a better man,” Ross said. “I was working three jobs before I joined because I was bad with my finances and the Marine Corps has taught me what I need in life versus what I want.”

Staff Sgt. Jarrod Wayman, platoon guide, LAR Platoon, Bravo Company, 1st CEB, Sugarland, Texas, native and Ross’ direct supervisor, has personally seen how effectively Ross leads his Marines every day.

“He’s locked on, he gets the job done and you give him any task and he gets it done without question,” Wayman said. “He really takes interest in his Marines, and he’s going to make sure they’re set up for success in everything they do out here and in the rear.”

Ross also said that his more than six years in the Corps has made him realize he wants to make this his career.

“My dream is to become a master gunnery sergeant,” Ross said. “I like being around Marines, I like getting to know them. I like being the role model and upholding the standard. I truly enjoy leading Marines.”

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