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Soldiers with the 215th Corps, Afghan National Army, provide security during a Military Operations in Urban Terrain training exercise aboard Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, March 8, 2014. The exercise is part of the Regional Corps Battle School's four-week rifleman's course, which instills intermediate rifleman skills in ANA soldiers. The ANA soldiers' newly acquired training will give them an advantage on the battlefield as they return to their units throughout Afghanistan. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Cody Haas/ Released)

Photo by Cpl. Cody Haas

Afghan National Army soldiers familiarize themselves with MOUT techniques

12 Mar 2014 | Cpl. Cody Haas

Afghan National Army soldiers enrolled in the Regional Corps Battle School conducted a Military Operations in Urban Terrain training exercise aboard Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, March 8.

An eight-man team of ANA soldiers lined up one in front of the other next to an open doorway along the side of a building. With a gentle nudge from the second soldier, the lead man charged into the building and immediately set up security for the rest of the team. Within minutes the team searched and exited the building with a detained simulated enemy insurgent.

The training is part of a four-week rifleman’s course.
During the exercise, Afghan soldiers with the 215th Corps are taught proper techniques on how to forcefully enter an enemy-occupied building or compound and neutralize the threat when under attack.

Each Afghan instructor has been trained by coalition forces with the 215th Corps Security Force Assistance Advisor Team with Regional Command (Southwest).

“We take pride in developing our instructors well,” said Capt. Christopher Campagna, officer in charge, RCBS Training Kandak, RC(SW). “The better the instructors are for the school, the better the students will be joining the 215th Corps for the ANA.”

Properly trained riflemen are vital to the ANA’s success, as many insurgents use compounds as cover and concealment.

“From my experience working with the students, they are learning very quickly,” said Sgt. Abdullah, an instructor with RCBS, 215th Corps, ANA. “Before coming here, they didn’t know any tactics. Now they are moving quickly through procedures and relying on each other.”

The MOUT training exercise covers the correct forms of forced entry into an enemy-occupied compound, targeting, and operating procedures and detaining procedures.

Upon graduation, newly trained riflemen will join brigades of the 215th Corps in Helmand province and other units across Afghanistan. The soldiers will bring with them the tactics and techniques learned in the four-week rifleman’s course.

“Many of the students can go back to their units and will be able to pass on what they learned here to their fellow soldiers,” said Abullah.

Upon completion of training, ANA soldiers will continue to train and build on the lessons they have learned and apply them in future operations.

The course is entirely Afghan-operated, with coalition forces from the 215th Corps SFAAT RC(SW) advising only on critical close-quarter clearing techniques.

The instructors take a lot of pride in the training taking place here, said Abdullah. With the rifleman classes these students received, they will be fully prepared for future operations.