1st Recon moves focus to small unit leaders

20 Mar 2014 | Courtesy Story

Marines from Company B, 1st Reconnaissance Battalion, conducted a complete combined-arms raid aboard Camp Pendleton, Calif., March 6th.  

The raid consisted of multiple elements such as reconnaissance and surveillance teams, close air support and a primary assault force to effectively conduct a company size attack.

1st Sgt. Daniel R. Wilson, the company first sergeant, said the training sharpened the skills of the individual reconnaissance Marine and the company as a whole. 

“We’re focusing on that small unit leader,” said Wilson. “His ability to implement team, platoon and company standard operating procedures and to develop them further as we move forward for deployment.”

Staff Sgt. James Stroope, the battalion’s training cell staff non-commissioned officer in-charge, said the combined-arms raid is will prepare the unit for a future deployment with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit.  

“We train to a capability and we’re proficient at it,” said Stroope.  “We’re just one more tool for the MEU commander’s tool box to use and employ as a force for reconnaissance missions or conventional ground fighting.”

The 15th MEU’s seven-month workup prepares Company B Marines for the challenges they could face overseas and develops the individual Marine’s leadership capabilities.  

Stroope said strong team and assistant team leaders are vital to a mission’s success.
“We can bring in as many bombs, mortars and helicopters as we want, but if we don’t have our good men on the ground that see the enemy and fight forward then we’re just wasting assets,” said Stroope. “These good men who can take initiative, take charge and understand the concept of battle are key to the reconnaissance community and all that is the small unit leader.”