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Marines assess their shot placement during annual rifle qualification. Marines from the 1st Intelligence Battalion conducted firearm training aboard Camp Pendleton Calif., March 19.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Seth Starr

1st Intel Bn receives annual training

24 Mar 2014 | Lance Cpl. Seth Starr

Marines from the 1st Intelligence Battalion conducted firearms training aboard Camp Pendleton Calif., Mar. 19.

Shoulder to shoulder, senior and junior ranking Marines annually qualify with different weapon systems to enhance combat effectiveness.

Staff Sgt. Joseph Wilson, communication electronics chief for the battalion, said that the application and coaching of weapons and battle sight optics during close-range engagements are fundamental in today’s battlegrounds.

The Marines of 1st Intel Bn focused on combative shooting within urban scenarios. Marines learned to close distance to targets and handle their weapons in a limited space, simulating a cramped and restricted area. 

Training also involves unknown distance shooting from fixed positions and nighttime pivoting and movement drills, explained Wilson.

“This shooting table allows the Marines to get up close and engage targets from a much closer distance,” said Wilson. “It gets them used to the close quarter battle that we’ve seen through the Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom time frame.”

Building a Marines’ ability to engage targets in an urban environment requires Marines to practice on a regular basis. Lance Cpl. Cameron Stenger, a radio operator with the battalion said it’s a skill he cannot afford to forget.

“This is one of those things if I don’t practice enough I could lose that muscle memory that enables me to properly employ my weapon,” said Stenger. “I feel very confident in the training I’ve received.”  

Training for real-time, fast-paced scenarios prepare Marines for the challenges they most certainly will face abroad.