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Lance Cpl. Jerrod Collier, an air delivery specialist with the platoon, Combat Logistics Regiment 17, straightens the lines of a 26-foot, high velocity parachute in preparation for inspection. Marines with 1st ADP are responsible for packing and inspecting heavy, light and personnel parachutes used to deliver supplies by aircraft.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Seth Starr

1st ADP’s parachutes are good to last drop

1 Apr 2014 | Lance Cpl. Seth Starr

Marines with 1st Air Delivery Platoon, Combat Logistics Regiment 17, are responsible for the distribution of heavy equipment and supplies, rigged by parachute, to Marines on the ground in operational environments.

Lance Cpl. Jerrod Collier an air delivery specialist with the platoon said that attention to every detail is very important. Every move riggers make when handling the parachute delivery systems ensures the safety of not just military equipment, but the lives of other Marines.

“This is a life support system that I’m dealing with,” Collier explained. “If I mess up one thing packing these parachutes; it’s another Marine’s life that’s going to be on my hands.”

Collier continued by saying that there are always at least two Marines ensuring parachutes are properly packed and stored. 

“We have things called rigger steps.  We never fully complete a pack-up on a chute before an inspector looks at it,” said Collier.  “After the first inspector looks it over, another will come over and inspect the first inspector’s work.”

Sgt. Samual Helt, the maintenance global combat support systems noncommissioned officer-in-charge with the platoon, explained the operational significance entrusted to his Marines.

“Our mission is the delivery of supplies by air from classes one through nine; that is, anything from food to medical supplies,” said Helt.  

Helt said that delivery of supplies by airdrop minimizes friction in an operational scenario, keeping supply convoys off the road and personnel away from small arms fire and improvised explosive devices.

“Ultimately, we’re getting Marines on the ground what they need in a faster and safer way that benefits a mission’s success,” said Helt.

The Marines with 1st ADP continue honing their skill in support of ground operations abroad.