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Marines with Weapons Company conduct security patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan

Photo by Cpl. Cody Haas

Marines with Weapons Company conduct security patrol in Helmand province, Afghanistan

22 Aug 2014 | Cpl. Cody Haas

Enemy insurgents continue to operate in Helmand province, Afghanistan, in the area surrounding Camps Bastion and Leatherneck. In order to mitigate this threat, patrols are conducted to clear the surrounding area of all suspicious individuals and threats.

Marines with 1st Platoon, Weapons Company, 1st Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, conducted a security patrol on the outskirts of the coalition bases, Aug. 15, 2014.

“Today’s mission was a success,” said Cpl. Connor Tapley, a machine gunner with Weapons Co. “We were able to discourage local nationals from coming too close to base by showing a known presence in the area. First Platoon consists of two sections. One section conducts security patrols around base and the other section is part of an internal quick reaction force for the base. The sections rotate every two weeks to counter complacency.”

Before deploying, Weapons Co. Marines conducted more than three months of predeployment workups and exercises to prepare for their unique mission.

“We go out and inspect the area,” said Staff Sgt. Scott Weakly, section leader with 1st Platoon, Weapons Co. “We have not had any incidents during the dismounted operations for the past three months. We did multiple classes and rehearsals during the predeployment training so we could be prepared for anything.”

Marines with Weapons Co. deployed to Afghanistan from Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, during April.

“The Marines are very motivated,” said Weakly, a native of Springfield, Illinois. “The operations go very smoothly. Everyone knows their job and what they have to do. All of the Marines aim to please. They try to the best of their abilities every day, and I have no doubt they will continue to do so.”