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I Marine Expeditionary Force

In Every Clime and Place

Tactical Exercise Control Group (TECG)

The TECG provides the CG, I MEF with the capability to plan, coordinate, and execute Certification Exercises (CERTEX) for I MEF MEUs to ensure their readiness to conduct required missions ISO COCOMs. Additionally, TECG is organized to augment support to I MEF exercises above the MEU level, as directed by the CG, by providing safety and control architecture and general exercise design/organization. The TECG coordinates with non-DOD facilities and organizations to provide realistic and unfamiliar training venues for the CERTEX and develops and supervises personnel augmentation of several hundred personnel to support MEU CERTEX. The TECG supports MEF exercises through white cell augmentation and control of site survey/safety teams.

Phone Directory and Points of Contact

Commercial dialing is (760) XXX-XXXX. DSN is (312) 365-XXXX for numbers with a "725-" prefix; DSN is (312) 361-XXXX for numbers with a "763-" prefix.

Billet Phone Number
TECG Director 760-725-6559
TECG OpsO 760-725-6559
TECG SNCOIC 760-725-6765/6838
Exercise Coordination Cell 760-763-2653