1st Intelligence Battalion
I MEF Information Group

I Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Information Group (I MIG) provides administrative, training, and logistical support while in CONUS and forward deployed to the I MEF and I MEB Command Elements. Additionally, function as Higher Headquarters for the four Major Subordinate Elements in order to allow I MEF CE to execute warfighting functions in support of service and COCOM initiatives as required. Plan and direct, collect process, produce and disseminate intelligence, and provide, counterintelligence support to the MEF Command Element, MEF major subordinate commands, subordinate Marine Air Group Task Force(MAGTF), and other commands as directed.

Mailing Address
1st Intel BN
Box 555327
Camp Pendleton Ca 92055-5327

1st Intelligence Bn. Unit Voting Assistance officer (UVAO)
Phone: 760-725-5592 (office)

Camp Pendleton Directory Assistance
Phone: 760-725-4111

Deployment Readiness Coordinator
Phone: (760) 829 - 0959

Phone: (760) 763 - 7519


►Must be a volunteer Corporal or Sergeant in any MOS. Staff Sergeants will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

►Must conduct a Recommendation Interview Panel  with CI/HUMINT personnel.

►Must possess a GT score of 105 OR CL score of 105 (may be waived – See FAQ below) OR 55 ASVAB or higher. Contact your education center to start the ASVAB retesting process.

►Security requirement: SCI security clearance eligibility. Application for the SCI security clearance eligibility must be submitted prior to attending the MAGTF Counterintelligence/HUMINT Basic Course at NMITC, Dam Neck, Virginia.

► The applicant must be eligible for a TS/SCI clearance.

► FTAP Marines can only conduct a lateral move in conjunction with a re-enlistment, and should contact us within a year of their EAS. STAP Marines can contact us at any time.

►Must be 21 years of age prior to lateral move into the CI/HUMINT MOS.

►Must reenlist for a total period of 60 months prior to entry into the MAGTF CI/HUMINT Course.

►Must possess a valid U.S. driver's license (may not be waived).

►Must be worldwide deployable for lateral move into the 0211 MOS.


►If you are interested in conducting a lateral move into the 0211 CI/HUMINT MOS, please attend the CI/HUMINT lateral move brief hosted every Friday at 0900 in room 111, building 160313. If unable to attend the brief, contact a member of the Applicant Processing Section by phone at (760) 725-6870 or email at 1st_CI_HUMINT_Recruiting@usmc.mil to set up an appointment.

►We are available to set up unit/group briefs.  Please contact us at (760) 725-6870 if you are interested in a brief, or contact your career planner for the next unit or FTAP brief.


►To begin the 0211 MOS screening process, please attend a CI/HUMINT lateral move brief or contact us via email at 1st_CI_HUMINT_Recruiting@usmc.mil to schedule an interview and we will provide you with the necessary paperwork.

►If you are a deployed unit or a career planner in a different state, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you.


0211 Study Guide

MCWP 2-6

FM 2-22.3

EO 12333


Q: Can I still apply if I do not meet the General Technical (GT) score requirement of 110? 

A: You must retake the ASVAB.  Waivers are granted on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the 0211 Occupational Field Sponsor at HQMC.

Q: I am not on Camp Pendleton, how can I get a brief?

A: Please contact us to see if we will be in your area, or ask your career planner to contact us to coordinate a unit brief. We are able to conduct interviews over the phone or via e-mail.

Q: Will I need to travel to Camp Pendleton to stand an Interview Panel?

A: Yes, all applicants must appear for an Interview Panel.

Q: How long does the screening process take? 

A: On average, the screening process takes 3-4 weeks to complete and receive a determination from an Interview Panel. More time is available if deemed necessary by the CI screening section. A letter from the Interview Panel is required prior to submitting for lateral move into the 0211 MOS. There are no exceptions to this policy per MCO 1200.17E.

Q: Can I complete the process in less than 2-3 weeks? 

A: Yes. If an applicant is well prepared and meets all requirements, the screening process may be expedited on a case-by-case basis. We will not expedite the screening process for applicants who fail to allow sufficient time to complete the process prior to unit requirements and/or their EAS date.


Office: (760) 725-6870
E-mail: 1st_CI_HUMINT_Recruiting@usmc.mil


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