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Motorcycle Safety Program

Camp Pendleton Motorcycle Operation Policy - BASE ORDER 5101.7E

Click here to visit California Motorcycle Safety Program to enroll in either the Basic RiderCourse (BRC) for beginning motorcyclists or the Experienced RiderCourse (ERC), required for riders within 120 days of completion of the BRC. To enroll in the Military Sports Rider Course (MSRC), also required within 120 days of completion of the BRC (but specific to Sports Motorcycle riders), arrangements need to be made directly with the:

MCI West Safety Center (Motorcycle and Traffic Safety)
BLDG# 200071
PH. 760-763-5070

LASER Safety 

If a suspected lazing incident occurred, execute the following:

1. Report the laser incident to your unit Laser Systems Safety Officer.
2. If laser energy entered the eye or was suspected to enter the eye, seek medical attention from an ophthalmologist or optometrist as soon as possible. If no ophthalmologist or optometrist is available, call the Tri-Service Laser Injury Hotline (1-800-473-3549) for immediate expert medical advice.
3. If an eye injury occurred, 
a. Complete the Laser Radiation Accident/Incident Report form online.  (please hyperlink "Laser Radiation Accident/Incident Report" to the following link:
b. Send a copy of the report to BUMED via email.  (please hyperlink the word "BUMED" to the following email:
4. File additional reports (HAZREPs or SIREPs) per germane safety directives. 

Additional Resources

Commandant of the Marine Corps Safety Division Website

Navy Safety Center

US Army Combat Readiness Center/Safety Center
Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)
Marine Corps Center for Lessons Learned  

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
National Safety Council
Center for Transportation Safety
Marine and Family Programs


Suicide Awareness and Prevention Information and Resources
HQMC Complaint Hotline
I MEF Inspector General Home Page

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