G2 (Intel)


To provide intelligence support through expertise, experience, and personnel augmentation while performing traditional, enduring functions that exceed the capability of the intelligence representation currently assigned to Current Operations, Future Operations and the Plans staff sections.

Phone Directory and Points of Contact

Commercial dialing is (760) XXX-XXXX. DSN is (312) 365-XXXX for numbers with a "725-" prefix; DSN is (312) 361-XXXX for numbers with a "763-" prefix.

I MEF G-2 Office                                                            763-2593 

I MEF SSO                                                                     763-2584

I MEF Intelligence Center Director                                 763-3395

I MEF Intelligence Center Deputy Director                    763-3389

I MEF Intelligence Center Chief                                    725-1833

I MEF Intelligence Center SSO Clerk                           725-9777

I MEF G-2 Desk                                                            763-2593

I Marine Expeditionary Force