Informal Resolution System

The Informal Resolution System works in the following manner:

a. Direct Approach. By either approaching the offending party in person tactfully pinpointing the behavior that is offending, asking the person to cease the behavior or in writing.

b. Informal Third Party. Requesting assistance from another person to intervene on your behalf to help resolve the conflict. This person is normally a friend, co-worker, command EO representative or EO Advisor.

c. Training Information Resources (TIR). Request training or resource materials for presentation to the work place in the areas of discrimination, harassment or inappropriate behavior. These materials are a good method of communicating to offending persons in the workplace, in a non-threatening way, that the behavior is inappropriate. The TIR includes videos, books, lessons plans, posters and other materials. You can request TIR from your local Equal Opportunity Advisor.

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