Inspector General

The Command Inspector General (CIG) is responsible for the Commanding General Inspection Program, Fraud, Waste, Abuse, & Mismanagement, Request Mast, and Intelligence Oversight. 

The IG's Functions are:

1. Readiness and Assistance:

a. Conducts "visits" to selected commands to identify systemic issues and policies impacting unit operational readiness and/or mission accomplishment.

b. Implements policy and directs Marine Corps risk management, safety and occupational health programs.

c. Manages the development of training for safety programs, conduct safety surveys, program reviews, and major mishap investigations in addition to ongoing analysis of mishap data to eliminate mishap recurrence.

d. Directs the Command Equal Employment Opportunity Program for the CG.

2. Conducts inspections for MSCs/MSEs in order to minimize wasted preparation time and provide commanders with accurate assessment of day-to-day readiness.

a. Identifies root causes of problems, particularly those beyond ability of commander to solve.

b. Conducts follow-up visit and resolution of outstanding issues beyond the ability of the commander to solve.

3. Assistance and Investigations

a. Manages hotline complaints received by IG's office to include Congressional Interest complaints (CONGRINTS).

b. Provides support in the areas of non-criminal investigations to include: Fraud, Gross waste or inefficiency of government resources, Abuse and misuse of authority/power/position, Mismanagement, Substantial and specific danger to public health or safety, Procurement irregularities, Reprisals, and other matters of interest to the CG.


4 Step Hotline Procedure

HOTLINE:  (760) 763-2547


Please view the below steps to assist you in preparing and filing your complaint.


Step 1: Determine the best method to address your issue.
Step 2: Review the Frequently Asked Questions so that you will know what to expect when you file a hotline complaint.
Step 3: Prepare your complaint for submission to a Command Inspector General.
Step 4: File a complaint with the I MEF Command Inspector General.



The Force Preservation Directorate encompasses Safety, Equal Opportunity, Combat Operational Stress Control, Behavioral Health Prevention, Family Readiness, and the Sexual Assault Response Coordinator.

I MEF Leaders' Force Preservation Handbook 

Contact Information I MEF

I MEF Safety

Commercial:  760-763-7031
Alternate:  760-763-7032

I MEF Behavioral Health Prevention

Commercial:  (760) 763-8109

I MEF Combat Operational Stress Control (COSC)

Commercial:  (760) 725-4937

I MEF Equal Opportunity

Commecial:  (760) 725-9167

I MEF Sexual Assault Prevention Representative

Commercial:  (760) 725-3458


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program

I Marine Expeditionary Force Safety Policy

I Marine Expeditionary Force