Colonel Vincent Laratta

Staff Judge Advocate, I Marine Expeditionary Force....


Major Ryan Russell

Deputy Staff Judge Advocate, I Marine Expeditionary Force....


Master Gunnery Sergeant Victor Ponce

Legal Chief, I Marine Expeditionary Force

                          Major Jonathan Stevens 

                         Operational Law Officer, I Marine Expeditionary Force

The Functions of the SJA are as Follows:

1. Reviews CONPLANS and OPLANS for compatibility with international law, U.S. statutes, and implementing regulations.

2. Provides advice on the formulation and interpretation of Rules of Engagement (ROE).

3. Advises staff with respect to legal issues that surface during operations/exercises for Foreign Claims and Criminal/civil jurisdiction.

4. Provides guidance on prisoner-of-war matters.

5. Provides guidance in matters pertaining to military assistance to civil law enforcement, plus national and international drug interdiction efforts.

6. Provides guidance in matters pertaining to military responsibility in asylum, refugee, and temporary refugee cases.

7. Advises staff on the interplay of treaties, international agreements, SOFAs, U.S. national policy, security assistance; and their effect on military plans and operations

8. Assists with negotiations in status of forces agreements.

9. Conducts liaison and coordination with the legal staffs of State Department, diplomatic missions, JCS, USPACOM/USCENTCOM/USNORTHCOM components, DOD, DOJ, DOE, and other nations within theater.

10. Provides guidance on humanitarian law.

11. Provides intelligence and standards of conduct oversight.

12. Advises Public Affairs Officer on public releases.

13. Advises staff on the negotiation of contracts with indigenous organizations.


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Staff Judge Advocate


Deputy Staff Judge Advocate....


Operational Law Attorney


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Legal Chief


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