G-7 Expeditionary Operations Training Group


Colonel J. Brad “Gash” Lagoski

Colonel Lagoski is a native of Collierville, TN. He enlisted in the Marine Reserves in May of 1990. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State University, he was commissioned as a 2ndLt in 1996. Upon completion of The Basic School in March 1997, Colonel Lagoski reported to the Naval Air Training Command...

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SNCOIC, Expeditionary Operations Training Group

Master Gunnery Sergeant Randy S. Messineo

MGySgt Messineo enlisted in the Marine Corps on March 10, 1998 from Boston Ma. and reported to MCRD Parris Island for recruit training.  He was assigned to Lima Company, 3rd Recruit Training Battalion.After graduating from MCRD, PFC Messineo reported to the School of Infantry (SOI) and was assigned...

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I Marine Expeditionary Force (I MEF) Expeditionary Operations Training Group (EOTG) trains and evaluates Marine Expeditionary Units (MEU), 31st MEU Battalions, SPMAGTFs, and other designated deploying units from I MEF. EOTG focuses training and evaluation in select special individual and collective tasks and mission essential tasks (METs) in order to prepare deploying units for GFM deployments to Geographic Combatant Commands (GCC).

1) Exercise Branch Mission:

Plan, organize, de-conflict, and execute exercises for the MEU and SPMAGTF units.  Exercise Branch will conduct the detailed planning for the I MEF MEUs’ RUTs and CERTEXs in accordance with (IAW) the I MEF Commanding General’s (CG’s) guidance.

2) Special Training Branch Mission:

Provide relevant and realistic specialized individual skills and collective unit training to the Maritime Raid Force (MRF), associated enablers, reconnaissance and surveillance (R&S) teams, and snipers assigned to I MEF and 31st MEUs.  Provide specialized training to non-MEF units, as directed.  Responsible for Urban and Aerial Sniper Courses, Security Element Course, Close Quarters Tactics Course, CQT Enablers Course, Advanced Reconnaissance and Surveillance Course, Ground Interoperability Course, Maritime Interoperability Course, Fast Rope Masters Course, Helicopter Rope Suspension Techniques Course, and Assault Climbers Course.

3) Amphibious Raids Branch Mission:

Provide relevant and realistic training to the GCE assigned to I MEF, 31st MEUs, non-MEF units, as directed.  Responsible for Raid Leaders Course, Raid Planners Course, Amphibious Raids Course, TRAP Course, Non-Lethal Weapons Course, and Basic Engagement Course.


Phone Directory and Points of Contact


Commercial dialing is (760) XXX-XXXX. DSN is (312) 365-XXXX for numbers with a "725-" prefix; DSN is (312) 361-XXXX for numbers with a "763-" prefix.

DIRECTOR 725-9132
SNCOIC 725-6703
S-1 725-6130
S-2 725-5759
S-3 725-9132
S-3, AIR 725-6838
S-4 763-2668
S-6 763-3284