The Special Staff (IG, Chaplain, SJA, Comptroller, CommStrat, and Surgeon) maintain their traditional staff functions while providing support to C2, Plans, FOPS, and COPS as required.

A brief description of each Special Staff Section is shown below with thier individual web sites available though the left navigation menu.

Staff Judge Advocate (SJA)The SJA provides advice and guidance to the CG and staff on international law and U.S. National/Foreign policy matters.

ComptrollerThe Comptroller manages I MEF Operations and Maintenance, Marine Corps (O&M,MC) appropriations, provides timely insight into the efficiency of the Command's performance of its mission and functions, and detects potential fraud, waste, illegal acts, or mismanagement.

Communication Strategy and Operations(CommStrat)CommStrat prepares, conducts, and implements a comprehensive public affairs program for I MEF, to include internal and external information programs, civilian media relations, community relations, historical programs, and mobilization planning.

Command Inspector General (CIG):The CIG provides overall direction and supervision in all matters pertaining to I MEF Readiness and Assistance, Safety, Command Inspection Programs, Fraud Waste and Abuse, and Equal Opportunity.

SurgeonThe Surgeon provides overall direction and supervision in all matters pertaining to MEF medical and dental care and treatment, policies and procedures, medically related operational concepts and medical system support.

ChaplainThe Chaplain provides overall direction and supervision in matters pertaining to MEF Religious ministries, Chaplains and Religious Programs (RPs).

I Marine Expeditionary Force