Mission:  We are a dynamic team of medical professionals who provide public health and preventive medicine services, technical support, health services support and deployment medical planning to all Major Subordinate Elements (MSE). In addition, we provide support for all augmentation personnel that are entrusted to our care as well as supporting activities aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton as directed. 

We work hand in hand with our stakeholders and other health professionals to proactively respond to and provide specialized guidance that is tailored to their needs and to integrate basic and safe health prevention practices. We maintain the highest standards of professionalism; we perform our job with honesty and personal integrity and are ready to deploy at a moments’ notice to support the overall mission of the I-MEF.

As the Force population grows and demands for services increase, we will continue to seek innovative ways to offer an umbrella of health protection and further publish force health protection guidance for all 1st Marine Expeditionary Force personnel.

Vision:  The vision of the I MEF Surgeon’s Office is to be the model military health services support organization in its entirety within the United States Marine Corps. We strive to provide services that keep the force ready to deploy, protected from bio terrorism, infectious disease outbreaks, and other public health threats or emergencies. The I MEF Surgeons Office is a catalyst working with individuals and Major Subordinate Elements (MSE’s) aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton to bring positive changes in the way we administer medical care to the wounded, injured, or ill Marines and Sailors both on the battlefield and in garrison.

We will continue to develop innovative methods to provide health services that meet the changing needs of the MEF and its warfighters.

Phone Directory and Points of Contact

Commercial dialing is (760) XXX-XXXX. DSN is (312) 365-XXXX for numbers with a "725-" prefix; DSN is (312) 361-XXXX for numbers with a "763-" prefix.


Phone Number

Surgeon 725-9154
Preventive Medicine Officer 763-4522
MILVAX 725-9000
Medical Plans Officer 763-4523
Medical Plans Chief 763-4530
Health Services Admin 725-9154
PDHRA 725-9154