G1 (Admin)


To provide administration support through expertise, experience, and personnel augmentation while performing traditional, enduring functions that exceed the capability of the administrative representation currently assigned to the G-3 Planning, Future Operations, and Current Operations command staff sections.

Phone Directory and Points of Contact

Commercial dialing is (760) XXX-XXXX. DSN is (312) 365-XXXX for numbers with a "725-" prefix; DSN is (312) 361-XXXX for numbers with a "763-" prefix.

AC/S G-1                               725-9249

Deputy AC/S G-1                   725-4958

Adjutant                                 725-9249

G-1 Admin Chief                    725-9261

Career Retention Specialist  725-3458

Adjutant Chief                       725-9249

Awards/DCP Clerk                763-2712

Reserve Liaison Officer         763-2556

Personnel Officer                  725-9149

Personnel Chief                    725-9155

Operations Officer                725-9218

Operations Chief                  725-9183

Navy Personnel                   725-9278