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Reserve Liaison Office (RLO)


Phone:  (760) 725-9159

email: i_mef_g-1_ima-rlo@usmc.mil


The I MEF IMA (Individual Mobilized Augmentee) Program is the largest “Operational IMA” in the Marine Corps.  The IMA program provides a source of pre-trained and qualified members from the SMCR to fill individual drilling reserve billets that are integrated with the Active Duty (AD) staff at the I MEF command Element (CE) & it’s Major Subordinate Commands (MSC), 1st MarDiv, 3rd MAW, 1st MLG & I MHG.

The IMA is used to support active duty organization requirements.  They are to become prepared to step in & be fully functional during exercises, deployments or other specialized or technical requirements.  During periods of wartime, contingency operations & OCO, IMAs fill active duty shortages & assists in filling rear as well as forward deployed billets.

IMA Marines rate 48 drills as well as 12 – 13 days of Annual Training (AT) per Fiscal Year (FY), not anniversary year.  Unlike their SMCR counterparts, IMAs have no published/required drill schedules.  They schedule their drills & AT with their AD counterparts according to their own individual schedules & their section’s requirements.  However the expectation at the MEF is that an IMA Marine drills with the AD counterparts sometime during the work week (not weekends unless their AD counterparts are working the weekend) at a minimum of once a quarter as well as mobilize once during their 3-5 year IMA tour to support deployments (in keeping with MARFORRES’ dwell ration o 1:5).

The I MEF IMA Program is managed by the I MEF G-1 Reserve Liaison Office (RLO), on Camp DelMar, Camp Pendleton, California.  The RLO is the IMA Operations Sponsor for all IMA billets within I MEF CE, as well as its many MSCs.

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