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I MEF Orders

I MEF-MCIWESTO 5320.6D (Fleet Assistance Program)
I MEFO 1000.5A (Fund Drive & MC Ball Coordination Assignments)
I MEFO 1001.2B (Reserve Integration SOP)
I MEFO 1050.1J (Leave and Liberty)
I MEFO 1050.4A (Covid-19 Leave and Liberty)
I MEFO 1300.1 (Manpower Sourcing Proficiency in Support of Setting the Globe)
I MEFO 1301.42 (Assumption of Command)
I MEFO 1320.1E (I MEF CE Personnel Sponsorship Program)
I MEFO 1320.2 (Assignment and Distribution of Personnel to Deploying Units)
I MEFO 1400.1P (Meritorious Promotion to Rank of PFC through Sgt)
I MEFO 1412.1 CH1 (Fleet Marine Force Warfare Officer)
I MEFO 1430.1F CH1 (SNCO Meritorious Promotion Boards)
I MEFO 1500.1B (Resilience Order)
I MEFO 1500.1C CH1 (Support to Community Events)
I MEFO 1500.75 (EOTG Policy and Procedures for High Risk Training)
I MEFO 1650.1K (Decorations, Medals and Awards Programs)
I MEFO 1650.2F (NCO of the Year, Marine of the Year)
I MEFO 1700.1R (Initiating Directive for Request Mast)
I MEFO 1700.3D W. CH.1 (Senior, Junior, and Blue Jacket Salior of the Quarter and Year)
I MEFO 1730.1H CH1 (Religious Ministry)
I MEFO 1752.1B (Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program)
I MEFO 2281.1B (Communications Security SOP)
I MEFO 3000.2B (Parachute Operations and Training SOP)
I MEFO 3000.3A (Defense Readiness Reporting System Marine Corps)
I MEFO 3003.1 (Operations Center Duty Requirements)
I MEFO 3070.2B (Operations Security Program)
I MEFO 3120.1 (I MEF Reconnaissance)
I MEFO 3120.9A (MEU SOP)
I MEFO 3302.1B (Force Protection Program)
I MEFO 3311.2 (Tactical Air Control Party Program)
I MEFO 3460.1A (Personnel Recovery Order)
I MEFO 3501.2 (I MEF Marine Corps Combat Readiness Evaluation)
I MEFO 3502.1B  (EOTG Drop Policy)
I MEFO 3574.1A (Small Arms Training Utilizing Live and Blank Ammunition)
I MEFO 4300 (Force Additive Manufacturing Policy)
I MEFO 4355.1 (Status of Command)
I MEFO 4400.3D CH 1 (Temporary Loan of Equipment)
I MEFO 4400.4 (Management of Remain Behind Equipment SOP)
I MEFO 4400.4B (Consolidated Storage Program)
I MEFO 4400.11A (MEU Logistics SOP)
I MEFO 4670.1 (Movement Control Center Order)
I MEFO 4690.1 (Container Management Order)
I MEFO 5000.3B (Staff Regulations)
I MEFO 5000.4D (Authorization to use Autopen Signature System)
I MEFO 5041.1G (Commanding General's Inspection Program)
I MEFO 5101.1B (Drive Safe)
I MEFO 5104.3A (Radiation Safety Program)
I MEFO 5215.1 (Directives Management)
I MEFO 5510.1D (Information and Personnel Secuirty Program)
I MEFO 5510.2B (Disclosure of Military Information to Foreign Governments)
I MEFO 5510.36 CH 1 (Hard Disk Drive Management Program)
I MEFO 5605.2 (Standard Distribution List)
I MEFO 5700.1 (Communications Strategy and Operations)
I MEFO 5800.1 (Removal of Confederate Flag)
I MEFO 6300.1B (Health Services Training)
I MEFO 6300.2A (Individual Medical Readiness)
I MEFO 6300.19 (Primary Care Services and the Marine Centered Medical Home)
I MEFO 6320.4 (Healthcare Quality Assurance Program)
I MEFO 6400.1B (Certificate, Training, Supervision and Employment of Independent Duty Corpsman)
I MEFO 7110.1A (Conduct of the I MEF Resource Management Board)
I MEFO 8600.1B (MEU, ACE, and Aviation Ordnance SOP)
I MEFO 10110 (Food Service and Subsistance Support SOP)
I MEFO 11240.1 (Motor Transport SOP)
I MEFO 12610.1 (Administration of Attendance and Timekeeping for Civil Service Employees)
I Marine Expeditionary Force