Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Privacy Act (PA): 

The FOIA was signed into law in 1966. The FOIA provides individuals with a statutory right of access to certain federal agency records. The FOIA requires agencies to disclose requested records unless they are protected from public disclosure by the FOIA. Congress included in the FOIA nine exemptions and three law enforcement exclusions to protect important interests such as national security, personal privacy, privileged communications, and law enforcement. 


submit a FOIA/PA request

If you would like to submit a FOIA/PA request, please do so online via the new portal at This is the fastest and most reliable way to send us your request, and it ensures that all requests are properly and accurately tracked from the date/time of submission. To help the Marine Corps respond to your request as quickly as possible, please submit it to the correct agency after reviewing the information below.


For your own Official Military Personnel File –

Retired/Discharged/Separated before 1999:

Retired/Discharged/Separated after 1999:

For the OMPF of Marine Corps Veterans who were retired, discharged, or deceased before 1999—National Archives and Records Administration:


For your own medical record (the Marine Corps does not maintain medical records) -

Retired/Discharged/Separated before May 1, 1994:

Retired/Discharged/Separated between May 1, 1994, and December 31, 2013:

Retired/Discharged/Separated on or after January 1, 2014:                  

For awards verification and replacement requests–

For USMC firearms histories:  Please submit your request directly to the Marine Corps Logistics Command.

For background checks:


For Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) records:  Please submit your request to the United States Navy via the SecureRelease portal.


For other non-HQMC records (including PMO reports, traffic accident reports, command investigations, FAP, etc.), submit your request directly to the command that would have custody of them, if you know.  For command points of contact (names, email addresses and phone numbers), please see the list attached (Hyperlink to


IMPORTANT:  When submitting your request, be sure to provide:

  1. Your full name.

  2. Contact information (address, email, and/or phone number).

  3. A complete and specific description of the Marine Corps records you are looking for.

  4. The amount you are willing to pay.

  5. If applicable, your request for a fee waiver or expedited processing with a full explanation of the basis.


Useful Sources:

DoD FOIA Handbook:

How to file a FOIA Appeal:


I MEF FOIA/PA Coordinator POC:


Phone:  760-725-9249/4819

I Marine Expeditionary Force