I Marine Expeditionary Force Communication Strategy and Operations Office Contact Information

The I MEF COMMSTRAT office is located at Camp Del Mar in Bldg. 210721, Rm. 110
Commercial   (760) 763-7047     DSN    (312) 361-7047                             
Email: Our normal hours of operation are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday (Pacific Standard Time). For all time sensitive queries outside of regular business hours, please contact the I MEF Media Officer at 760-763-7047.
I MEF CommStrat communicates and engages with domestic and foreign publics on whom I MEF's success or failure depends in order to build understanding, trust, credibility and mutually beneficial relationships; put joint operations in context; facilitate informed perceptions about military operations; undermine adversarial propaganda; and help achieve national, strategic and operational objectives.
Media Queries
To submit a media query: Save and fill out the Media Query Form*, then submit your request to
*Please Do not alter the format of the Media Query Form  

Request Timelines

All Requests must be submitted in accordance with the timelines listed below. Unless otherwise noted, all requests are to be directed to I MEF PAO.
Aviation (Flight or Static):  No less than 90 days.  Requests will be directed to Community Relations, OMCC (information below)     1st Marine Division (1st MarDiv) Band:  No less than 45 Days. Requests will be directed to the 1st MarDiv Band.     Non-Aviation Static Displays:  No less than 60 days.
Personnel (to include parade, demonstration, and personnel to man static displays:  No Less than 45 days.     Color Guard Detail:  No less than 45 days.


Requests for Non-Aviation Support

To request NON-AVIATION support--- Ground Equipment, Color Guard, Marine Corps Band or Marine Corps Speakers---for a community event, please download the DD Form 2536 below and email the completed request to DD Form 2536 - Request for Non-Aviation Support  


Requests for Aviation Support

The Marine Corps can also provide aerial support--- fixed wing (jets, planes) or rotary (helicopters)---in support of certain community events. To get started, begin by thoroughly completing the Department of Defense “Request for Military Aerial Support” (DD2535) and submitting to  Do not fax requests. To assure your request is received and processed please include the asset requested, and the date and location of the event in the subject line (i.e. Color Guard Request-25July2014- Washington, D.C.). To confirm receipt or for any questions, call 703-614-1034. DD Form 2535 - Request for Aviation Support


I Marine Expeditionary Force