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Marine Expeditionary Brigade - Afghanistan

Command Element for Regional Command (Southwest)

Family Readiness
Family Readiness Officer

Work: (760) 763-2551
Cell: (760)464-9103

"Marines take care of their own - period. This enduring pledge between Marines is never more sacred than during time of war. Just as every Marine makes a commitment to the Corps when they earn the title Marine, the Corps makes an enduring commitment to every Marine - and an enduring commitment to their family."

- General Conway, 34th CMC Planning Guidance

As Family Readiness Officers, we pride ourselves in having a vital role in the well-being of our Marines, Sailors, and their family members. Through the Family Readiness Program, we ensure that every family is afforded the opportunity to receive pertinent information regarding their Marine or Sailor along with information about the current events happening within the unit. If you are in need of assistance or guidance, please contact our office.