General FAQs

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 How can I get a DTS account?

Go to the DTS home page and click the green login button. This will begin the registration process. Follow the How To Create A DTS Account instructions. Once you have created your account, your ODTA must review your account and accept you into your DTS organization. You will not be able to login until your ODTA accepts your account.

 Who is supposed to assist me with DTS?

Every unit has an appointed Organization Defense Travel Administrator (ODTA). They are responsible to assist you in setting up your DTS account and ensuring you are receiving the proper DTS training and support. A unit NDEA can also assist you to prepare an authorization and voucher.

 What is an NDEA?

A unit Non-DTS Entry Agents (NDEA) is an appointed individual who is responsible to input authorizations and vouchers on behalf of the traveler.

 What online training can I do as a DTS user?

The I MEF / MCI-West CAMPEN Help Desk recommend that you complete two TRAX DTS online classes: the DTS (Basic)-About DTS and DTS (Basic)-DTS Travel Documents (DTS (101). This hyperlink will show you how to access the classes. In addition, your ODTA might have additional training requirements.

 When should I prepare my authorization if I am going TAD?

Your authorization should be done as soon as possible or within 30 days of the TAD trip. This will ensure that the authorization gets routed and approved in time. If the TAD trip involves a flight, the authorizations must be approved 72 hours before the trip begins, if not, the reservations will be cancelled. For short notice TAD, if an authorization is being done within 3 days of the start of the TAD, then the authorization must be approved within 24 hours, if not, the flights reservations will be canceled.

 Once I return from my TAD, how much time do I have to do my voucher?

You have 5 working days to complete and sign your voucher. Your unit can require you to have it done in a shorter time than that.

 How long will it take, from the time I submit my voucher, for me to get paid?

Your unit has 2 days to forward the voucher to Disbursing or TECOM (Level 30). Level 30 has 10 working days to approve the voucher. Once the voucher is approved by Level 30, it usually takes 1 or 2 business days for the payment to be made.

 What do I need to upload into my DTS voucher?

Click here for a detail listing of required receipts.

The Regional Disbursing Office – West DTS Voucher Submission Requirements has more information on receipt requirements.

 What non-mileage expenses can I claim?

The JTR 0204 Miscellaneous Reimbursable Expenses identify what non-mileage (also called “reimbursable”) expenses that can be claimed.  Listed are all expenses able to be authorized by the unit AO.

 How can I claim tuition fees, postage, batteries, photocopies and other expenses that are not included in the JTR?

These and other similar expenses are considered mission related expenses and are not reimbursable in DTS. Please check with your unit AO before buying mission related expenses. Your unit AO and the Comptroller’s office must first determine if these fees are reimbursable. If they are, they will provide you with the required forms to fill out.

 Why am I not allowed to buy my own plane ticket through Expedia.com when going TAD?

The JTR mandates that travelers use the available contracted travel office (SATO/RAVENAL). The government has partnered with most airlines through the City Pair Program to guarantee low fares which incur no exchange and cancelation fees in most cases. Even though you can find cheaper flights on most commercial travel agencies, they incur additional exchange and cancellation fees. In addition, airfare costs significantly increase when booking flights at the last minute.

 If I am authorized a rental car, what size car can I get?

A compact size rental vehicle is what the JTR 020209 authorizes. Your AO can authorize a bigger vehicle only if the mission requires it. If you require a bigger vehicle, ensure a justification is made on the authorization. If no justification is made, disbursing and TECOM will limit the reimbursement to a compact size.

 Can I update my own EFT (bank account) information?

Yes! Each traveler is responsible to update their own DTS profile. A traveler can also update their EFT information by going into their travel document in edit mode. The option to change the EFT information can be found by going to the Additional Options tab, then the Profile sub-tab, and then clicking My Account Information. Remember to click the Save button.

 Can I go on leave as part of my TAD trip (before/during/after)?

Yes, if your command authorizes it. The leave must be approved in the appropriate payroll system, and it must also be reflected in the authorization and voucher. Click here for basic instruction on how to reflect leave on the authorization or voucher.

 Am I exempt from paying state taxes for lodging while on TAD?

Review the GSA state tax webpage to see which states participate in the lodging state tax exemption program while on government travel. Click on the state that you will be TAD in and find out if a form is needed for the tax exemption. IBA refers to the individually issued government travel charge card.

 How do I check the status of my DTS document?

Click on the view or view/edit link to open the document. If you open the document using the view/edit then a Read Only check box will appear. Leave the box checked if only checking a document status. Go to the Digital Signature tab and you can see the status of your document and all previously stamps applied.




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 Where can I get DTS training to be appointed as RO/AO/ODTA/FDTA?

Training is hosted regularly aboard MCB Camp Pendleton, MCAS Yuma, MCAS Miramar, and 29 Palms. Please see our training calendar and appointment requirements.

 Aa an RO/CO/AO, what should I be looking for when reviewing and approving authorizations and vouchers?

Review the Regional Disbursing Office-West DTS Voucher Submission Requirements which identify the most common things to look for and specific requirements to authorize them.

 As an RO/CO/AO, what tools are available to assist me in executing my DTS responsibilities?
 How do I find out who needs to do a DTS voucher?

All DTAs have access to pull the Unsubmitted Voucher Report. This report will identify travelers that have returned from TAD. The data is based on an approved authorization and the dates of TAD. Click here for instruction on how to pull reports.

 As an ODTA, what reports am I required to work?

ODTAs are required to pull the Unsubmitted Voucher Report, Depart Status Report, Pending Airline Cancellation Report, and Complete Traveler Info List. Refer to the DTS MCO for more information.

 Can I be a Routing Official and an ODTA or FDTA?

No. The separation of duties requirement prohibits those who have the ability to create profiles or modify account data from possessing a travel document for payment.




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 Why am I getting a login error when I try to log into DTS?

You may just be locked out if you have been detached from your previous DTS organization. If this is the case, your ODTA will need to receive you into your new DTS organization.

 What do I do if I receive an email from DTS stating my voucher was returned?

Go to the voucher’s digital signature page and scroll down to the bottom and read the return comments. The individual who returned the voucher is required to let you know why the voucher was returned and the corrective action. Correct all the discrepancies and route the voucher back for approval. 

 My voucher was approved but I have not been paid. What do I do?

You will need to check your authorization or voucher to see if the EFT Return or SPP Return stamp was applied to the document. This stamp means your money went to a closed or incorrect account and the bank returned the money to DFAS.

If you see an EFT Return or SPP Return stamp: amend the document; change the EFT account information under Additional Options/Profile/My Account Information. Make sure you click the Save changes to permanent traveler information and route the document for approval.

If the document does not have an EFT Return or SPP Return stamp, an EFT Trace Request needs to be submitted to identify where the money was sent to.

 My voucher shows an AR Reject status. What do I do?

An AR Reject is an Accounts receivable reject stamp. AR Rejects also mean payments were not processed correctly. You or the unit ODTA need to contact the comptroller’s office for them to determine what needs to be done to correct the reject.

 Can I create a DTS authorization or voucher for someone else?

No. Only those appointed to be Non-DTS Entry Agents (NDEAs) or unit ODTAs can prepare authorizations and vouchers on behalf of another traveler.

 I cannot create a voucher from my existing authorization. Why?

Your Authorization must be approved for you to be able to create a voucher. If the Amend link was selected on the Authorization, have that document approved and you will be able to create a Voucher. If the authorization was approved but you still can’t do a voucher, contact your ODTA.

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