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I Marine Expeditionary Force

In Every Clime and Place


When directed, I MEF deploys and is employed as a Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) in support of Combatant Commander (COCOM) requirements for contingency response or Major Theater War; with appropriate augmentation, serves as the core element of a Joint Task Force (JTF); prepares and deploys combat ready MAGTF’s to support COCOM presence and crisis response; and supports service and COCOM initiatives as required.


Lineage of I Marine Expeditionary Force


Activated 8 November 1969 on Okinawa, Japan, as the I Marine Expeditionary Force. Redesignated 18 August 1970 as the I Marine Amphibious Force. Relocated during April 1971 to Camp Pendleton, California. Redesignated 5 February 1988 as the I Marine Expeditionary Force.


Participated in Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, Southwest Asia, August 1990-April 1991. Participated in Operations in Somalia, December 1992-May 1993. Elements participated in support of Operation Southern Watch, Iraq, January-February 1998. Elements participated in Operation Desert Thunder, Iraq, February-June 1998. Deployed during Novmember 2002 to Kuwait in Support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Participated in Operation Iraqi Freedom, Iraq, March-October 2003 and during 2004.