I Marine Expeditionary Force


I Marine Expeditionary Force

In Every Clime and Place


I MEF provides the Marine Corps a globally responsive, expeditionary, and fully scalable Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF), capable of generating, deploying, and employing ready forces and formations for crisis response, forward presence, major combat operations, and campaigns.


Featured Stories
Family Inspiration drives supply clerk to succeed

By Lance Cpl. April Price | May 1, 2015

Inspiration can drive an individual in many directions. It can push one to reach higher and go MORE
1/7 Participates in Urban Leaders Course

By Lance Cpl. Danielle Rodrigues | April 24, 2015

Yellow and green CS gas enveloped a group of Marines as they cleared an abandoned building from MORE
“Star Lord” blasts through Desert Scimitar

By Sgt. Christopher J. Moore | April 23, 2015

The sound of 70-ton tracked machines interrupted the calm hush of the desert as tank after tank MORE
Dark Horse’s weapons company provide precision during DS 15

By Cpl. Joshua Murray | April 23, 2015

“Gun three half load,” exclaimed Lance Cpl. Cody Giroux, a mortar man with Weapons Company, 3rd MORE
1st LAR food service specialist spices up field rations at Desert Scimitar

By Cpl. Joshua Murray | April 23, 2015

Marines quickly formed a long line in front of the field mess tables as the food service specialists MORE

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